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Corinthians Parent Conduct


Over the years, we have learned that one of the key ingredients for a successful club is to have clear, consistent communication between the Club, the coaches, the players and the parents. In this agreement we will put forward our expectations of you as a member of Corinthians Athletic Club (CAC). As you have committed to become a member of the CAC, please take the time to read the following pages carefully.


We expect our players and parents to possess characteristics such as honesty, integrity, respect, dedication, and commitment. In turn, the club will also be exemplifying those same characteristics. We will instruct players to ignore adverse conditions such as a poor call made by a referee, name calling, foul language, rough play, cheating, poor weather, negative behavior by parents or opponents, etc. We expect our parents to have the same approach. A player will not be cut from the club at any time, unless it is for disciplinary reasons or failure to fulfill their financial obligations. Decisions regarding temporary suspensions from the club will be made by the affected players’ respective Head Coach along with the Technical Director and any other relevant committee..

Uniform and Equipment Policy

All players are expected to wear the designated uniform of the Club. All premier level players are required to wear Corinthians practice gear to their training sessions.  While the Club will try to accommodate players’ individual requests for jersey number, CAC   has the authority to assign any number to any player on the team.  In the event that a new player is added to a team roster and the new player has a number conflict with a player who is currently on that roster, the player already on the roster has the right to retain his/her number and the new player will be issued a different number.  If the conflict in jersey number results in any party having to purchase any new equipment the cost of all new equipment will be the sole responsibility of the party who decides to purchase it.  In many cases, the Club may, from time to time have used uniforms available at reduced prices.

Before, During and After the Game

During the soccer season, the team and its players participate in practices, scrimmages, league competition, tournaments and sometimes State Cup. The coaches will make decisions on player selections, game line-up, positions, playing time, tournament participation, etc. Players and parents must be positive in fulfilling the role they are asked to perform for the team. Players must arrive on time to practices and games with the required equipment that would include the CAC training gear, CAC Uniforms, etc.

The Parents

Parental support and involvement in the club are essential. If your son/daughter is selected and chooses to commit themselves to the CAC, your commitment is also necessary. If players are to make a commitment to the Club and their Team, parents must see to it that players attend all possible club and team functions.  CAC understands that there will be times when conflicts cannot be avoided and other more important events will take precedence. The Club requires your communication, planning and understanding so we can minimize such conflicts whenever possible.

Sideline Coaching

Coaching by the parents is not allowed. No matter how good your intentions are, we insist there be no shouting instructions to players or yelling (complaining) to officials during games. Your vocal support and positive encouragement are welcome after a good play. No one other than those listed on the official game roster may sit on or near the team bench during the game. All spectators are asked to sit on the opposite side of the field from the team.

Team Managers

Team Managers play a vital role in the success of a team. Their role is also a voluntary role that takes many hours to perform correctly. With this role comes added responsibility and authority as they serve as a liaison between the coaching staff and the parents. Please respect the added hours and time commitment required of this position.  There may be times when a team manager will ask parents to help with a task involving team communications, assistance with fundraisers, assistance with field set up or carpools, tournament registration.  When that is the case please be generous with your time and try to lend help wherever possible for the good of the kids.


At the appropriate time, parents may discuss and ask questions about their son or daughter. Please allow the 24 hour rule when speaking to your child’s coach after a practice or game over a sensitive matter. If you feel you need to take your issues to a higher chain of command, the CAC has a system in place.  Always make sure you have addressed your concerns with the coach first. Please be cautious on your discussions with your son or daughter in regards to the team and teammates. Content should be constructive. Thank you for taking the time to review this document. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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